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So, not sure why I went and found this again, other than to see if it was still active.
Hello out there to any of my friends who also might be by randomly.
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Beth - read this.. tell me who you think of:


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Did you see it?

I saw it.

Must let me know when you saw it. Must talk to the Kitten about it.

Happy Belated B-day Kitten to you and your hunny bunny.

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So yeah... forgot to update in like months... >.>

I still play WoW.

My priest has been 60 since May. I have full Devout, 7 of 8 Prophecy (which is poorplz!!), and 3 of 8 Transcendence. Lance and I left LoD back in late July/early August for a guild that was even better organized.

We are now clearing Molten Core (from Lucifron to Ragnaros) in about 5 hours. We are slowly phasing it out in favor of BWL and the upcoming AnQ. We clear regularly to Nefarion in BWL, but we are still working on that encounter.

I have also shot myself in the head (maybe not literally) by rolling yet another Priest. This one is on Illidan, and she is Undead. I've been rolling in the heavily twinked out 10-19 WSG, and I'm not terribly well geared. However, I can top the chart for KBs, which is fun. The roll was prompted by Tim finding out his dad (real one) had a Level 58 Undead Warlock there. So, we said, What the Heck! and rolled over there. None of us have ventured to contested lands yet though, as I'm the highest level at 19.

I also got to see Kris for the first time in 3 years this week. It was great. :)

Not much else to report other than my job sucks.
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it worries me how dumb you are.

Who's Your Happy Bunny?
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Blame Beth.
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Ok, as some people know, I've been playing WoW.

I'm currently up to Level 58 on my main. She's a Priest, and I've gotten 4 out of 8, of my initial Tier 1 Epic set (Devout). I've been raiding consistently with Lance and his guild while I was still a member of Crimson Plague.

Well, I up and left that guild and joined Lance in his guild on Saturday. I know that I pissed off CP's GL, but the focus that was for the guild and what I wanted were starting to contradict. The big push in CP seemed to be PvP now. That was what the GL was always doing, and none of her officers were able to do much. The only officer who was working hard for anything else, well, his wife is going to be having a baby soon. You can't honestly expect him to be able to do much once the baby is born.

So the situation was, keep letting some immature kids set up raids that they never tell anyone when it's going to be and where they are loot whores, or move myself to a guild that is more structured for high end raiding, which is what I want? Honestly, I felt that it was the best move for me, and it had nothing to do with the other guild. They were just focused on something that I did not wish to take part in.

I had been raiding with Lords of Destiny for the past two weeks, and a good friend from CP who left over a month ago was already there, so Lance and I are having more fun. Plus, I'll be able to pull Lance in on more raids. After all, a Level 60 Rogue with a Priest at hand ready to come along is a hard deal to pass up. Why? Because there are never enough healers.

Now to just get myself to 60 and get Tim's Pally to 60. He's almost to 53, so we're getting him there finally. :)
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So, as anyone who knows me should know..

I've seen the new Star Wars movie. Twice. In the same day. Which just happened to be Opening Day.

I had yesterday off to give myself time to actually sleep after the 12:01 showing.

I know that some people will still bitch that it wasn't as good as the originals, but I personally loved this one. It made me cry. It evoked emotion. It had so many just artistic scenes that just took my breath away. I can't decide if it now replaces Return of the Jedi as my favorite or not. RotJ will always be my childhood favorite, but this latest one speaks much more to me in my adulthood.

So, using just the numbers now, here is my rankings of the movies.


I should note that I am a fan girl and loved all of them. They are all great in their own ways, but if I had to choose the one that I would watch more than any other, that's how I would do it.

And now, I countdown to FFVII:AC.

September 14th!! \^o^/
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Hope you have a great 23rd birthday. =^.^=

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